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Eg Open House & Corn Boil

09 Sep. 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Please join us from 5:00 - 6:30 pm Wednesday Sept 14th for our Open House and Family Corn Boil.  It is a great opportunity to meet your child's teacher and the staff at Evergreen Public School for 2016 - 2017.


  • Meet the Staff
  • Meet your Child's Teacher
  • Join the EG Staff for some corn


Self Regulation at Evergreen School

01 Mar. 2016

Self Regulation at Evergreen School


THANK YOU to LOW Community Regional Foundation

24 Sep. 2015

HUGE Thank You to the Lake of the Woods Community Regional Foundation for providing the funding to purchase a new commerical fridge for Evergreen's Breakfast Program!!

With LOW Community Foundation's help we were able to replace two older household refridgerators with this awesome commercial sized unit.  This new unit allows the program to buy in bulk and keep foods at a consistent temperature as per NWHU specification.

Evergreen School takes pride in it's Breakfast Program and it's ability to continue to provide all Evergreen students with a nutritious breakfast meal.  It is through the endless work & dedication of EG volunteers, EG staff and  with the help of The Lake of the Woods Community Regional Foundation we are able to do this.  THANK YOU!!


Children's Mental Health Week

07 May. 2015

Evergreen Public School “GETS LOUD” for Mental Health

 It’s the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) 64th Annual Mental Health Week!  This year the CMHA asked Canadians to GET LOUD for mental health, so the students and staff at Evergreen Public School, did just that.  Classroom teachers held discussions with their students about the importance of being mindful and aware of how we are feeling.  They talked about things that make them feel worried or stressed and discussed things that they do to help them calm down, or feel happy again.  In the junior grades, teachers also discussed the challenge of a mental illness and made students aware of the agencies and community supports that are available to help them and their families. 

As a staff, we were really happy with this activity.  It encouraged us to take a pause and talk about mental health and wellness with our students.  Having a conversation about stress, worry and mental health, helped to create awareness and build a supportive community within the school environment.  Both our students and staff were able to come up with a variety of activities and strategies that they use to help them overcome obstacles in their lives.  Each student and staff member recorded their idea on a speech bubble.  The speech bubbles were then used to create a collective display of mental wellness strategies located at the entrance of our school. It is our hope that students, staff, parents and family members will stop to take a look at our display and be reminded of the variety of things we can do to promote mental wellness and where to go for help when a strategy alone is not enough.

CMHA wants Canadians to GET LOUD – to be heard, raise awareness, reduce discrimination and stigma, and to show the importance of supporting mental health programs and services across Canada.  The students and staff at Evergreen feel like they have taken one small step to accomplishing this goal.

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Music Monday at BBSS

04 May. 2015

Music Monday

Music Monday is an annual initiative that brings together thousands of students, musicians, parents and community members across the country to celebrate the gift of music in our lives, on the same day at the same time.

All 4 KPDSB elementary schools attended BBSS.  Each school bringing a class or two with the exception of Evergreen - we brought our Entire School!!

We practiced three songs.  We are One was the official anthem this year.  Evergreen classes practiced all week and we had singing throughout the school.

On Friday our entire school meet in the library and all sang the songs together.  It was a great opportunity for the school to be together, to sing and enjoy music.


6.3 million Participants

14, 750 Registered Events

11 Years in Harmony

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