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About Evergreen
About Evergreen

Evergreen Public School is a community school Kindergarten to Grade 6, with approximately 150 students, 18 teaching staff and numerous support personnel.  Although we are small, we provide a solid, well-rounded and enriched education for our students.  Kids come first at Evergreen School!

Our goals for each of our students is to:

-provide skills and learning that will provide the optimal level of academic achievement

-provide a welcoming and culturally safe environment for our students, families and the community

- revitalize the Anishanaabe language and culture

- connect our students with nature, through land-based teachings

-build self-regulation strategies for all students

- Provide students with learning to become innovators, problem-solvers, collaborators and excellent communicators

Evergreen Public School will always put the needs of our students and families first; demonstrated through the opportunities we provide, the support we place on the academic and well-being needs of the whole child and the need to build self-regulation strategies for all students.  Our mantra is, "see a child differently, see a different child."

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